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Beeswax reusable food wraps 13x13cm


Beeswax food wraps 13x13cm

Ships From: Republic of Ireland

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Beeswax food wraps 13x13cm made using my beeswax.
Other sizes available to order.

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Weight 1 g
Dimensions 13 × 13 cm


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This year has been a very good year for beekeepers with our bees having a good
crop of excess honey, therefore I will have a small surplus of honey for sale and like
it says in the add “once it’s gone its gone”

About my Bees:
I locate my beehives in areas where there is natural forage available for the bees.
Some are situated in an old walled garden, others are in a rural garden with plenty of
Hedgerows available for them to forage on.
The bees collect honey from a wide selection of both native and introduced garden
flora. Native flora can include Dandelion, Horse chestnut, Sycamore, Hawthorn,
Apple, Blackberry and Lime. There are also many other minor flowering plants which
they forage on. This multitude of flowering plants is what gives the honey its unique

At my Aperies I keep Native Irish Honey Bees (Apis mellifera mellifera).
Recent research has indicated that the Native Irish Honey bee is still to be found in
many Aperies and although endangered there are enough beekeepers maintaining
stocks of them to not only ensure its survival but there are excess stocks available to
help other beekeepers in Ireland establish their own colonies in areas where large
numbers have died out or being hybridised.

So why are Native Honey bees so Important.

They are known as Black bees due to their dark appearance.
They are naturally adapted to the Irish climate.
They are known to be docile with low swarming tendencies.
They are good bees for Production of Honey in Ireland.
They are frugal in the use of their stores overwinter.
They forage at lower temperatures than some introduced strains.
Genetically they are a diverse grouping in Ireland.

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Shipping from Republic of Ireland

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I can deliver in the Kildare area. A minimum of 3 jars must be purchased to make it worthwhile for me to deliver.

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Honey is a fresh food product, it can not be returned. For non edible items, if product arrives damaged, contact for a replacement.